Course Description

“Three Tall Women” by Edward Albee, Citadel Theatre, 1996, set design by Astrid Janson

DRAM241 offers an introduction to set and costume design. Class time will be used for lecture, group discussion, and studio work. The course is structured around a series of practical design “problem sets” which highlight different skills and perspectives needed by theatre designers and those who think critically about design. Core questions to be considered: How do visual elements communicate? How can these visual elements be employed in support of a core understanding of the play?

Class meetings: Tuesdays 4-5:30PM in Theological Hall 203 & Thursdays 2:30-4pm in Theological Hall 102

**Note alternating location

Instructor: Jenn Stephenson

Office: Carruthers Hall room 307

Email: jenn.stephenson (at)

Office phone: (613) 533-6000 x78597 (There is voice mail.)